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Things to Pack for Scotland’s Winters

As someone who grew up embraced by the warm California sun, I was incredibly nervous about living in Scotland. Every time the word “Scotland” slipped out of my mouth, the typical responses I got were, “Oooh, heard it’s beautiful!! But cold…” And it was. It was very cold. And windy. And rainy. Thankfully though, IContinue reading “Things to Pack for Scotland’s Winters”

Week Nine in Quarantine

After I landed in LA, I quarantined myself in an airbnb for two weeks. It was strange being back home without being able to see my friends, going out to my favorite eateries or roaming around freely. Even though I was back from Edinburgh, I was still enrolled in my study abroad classes so IContinue reading “Week Nine in Quarantine”

Week Eight of Scottish Leavin’

You may be wondering if I mistakenly put “leavin” in the title rather than “livin” like I did for many of my previous posts. Unfortunately, it’s not a mistake. Due to the increasing spread of the Coronavirus and the travel ban declared by Trump, my internship program was suspended and I had to go backContinue reading “Week Eight of Scottish Leavin’”

Week Seven in the Royal City

Before the craziness of the Corona Virus hit, my friends and I headed to London for a school trip. This was my first time in London, like it was many of the other cities I visited this year, and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a lot more modern than I expected with a wideContinue reading “Week Seven in the Royal City”

Week Six in Isle of Skye

It’s finally March so I decided that it was a good time for me to escape Edinburgh and visit the countryside. My friend and I signed up for an Isle of Skye tour through an International Student Tours company in high anticipation that we were going to meet students from all over the world. IronicallyContinue reading “Week Six in Isle of Skye”

Week Five of Scottish Survivin’

Back from my travels and back to reality. I titled this post “Week Five of Scottish Survivin’” instead of the usual “Scottish Livin’” because last week, I hit a point where I was incredibly homesick. I’m not usually one to miss home or feel attachment to a particular location so I guess last week wasContinue reading “Week Five of Scottish Survivin’”

Quatrième semaine en France

Thanks to the week long parliamentary recess, my friends and I decided to hop across the Atlantic to Switzerland and France. We spent a couple of chaotic days in Geneva which included being fined by the police for an innocent tourist mistake, enjoying a pot of hearty fondue (arguably the best thing about Switzerland), touringContinue reading “Quatrième semaine en France”

Week Three of Scottish Livin’

January 25th is a big deal in the U.K. because of Burns Night, a birthday celebration for Robert Burns, the well renowned poet. I honestly had no idea how significant this day was (sorry Robert) but it became very clear to me when my friends and I tried to make reservations for a “Burns Dinner”Continue reading “Week Three of Scottish Livin’”

Week Two of Scottish Livin’

Sometimes the timing of everything is just so impeccable. On Monday, I impulsively decided to visit the world renowned Royal Botanic Garden. I roamed around the gardens and took too many pictures, all while wondering if it was worth £6 to enter the glasshouses. It was definitely worth it. Once I stepped inside, it wasContinue reading “Week Two of Scottish Livin’”